Trip-Around-the-World Reproduction Quilt Timeline

Trip Around the World Reproduction Quilt via


Started: December 21, 2006


December 21, 2006: After sharing the story of my 1990’s era store-bought quilt, I had to take it down and back it away to protect it as it was falling apart. At that point, I decided to make a reproduction so that I could have one to use and enjoy (and in a more useful size). Strips were cut and collected, and then we moved house and they got packed away.

January 16, 2009: I finally got the strips out of storage and had a chance to photograph them. I love the pinks, yellows and greens here. My only complaint about the original quilt was the inclusion of dusty blue and brown. Blech!

May 2, 2013: These colors are so pale I’m having a hard time working with them, so I decide to try to use the strips up. I make a bunch of nine-patch squares and use random strips to make two of the Orphan Block Quilted Dish Mats, and put a bunch more toward the Star Medallion Baby Quilt. There are still more, but at least I use up a bunch of them.

January 4, 2014: It is the year of the UFO and I decide these colors are too pale and need to get used up along with the very pale, cottage-y snowball blocks I had made, so the strips are used up in the Cottage Snow-in-Summer Quilt.