Red & Blue Post-and-Rail Fence Quilt Timeline

Red & Blue Post-and-Rail Fence Quilt via

This quilt has a particularly scattered history, not all of which I have documented. I started the quilt in Junior College when I convinced the really sweet older woman at the fabric store I worked at to teach me to quilt and showed here a soft, cottage-y antique blue-and-white rail-fence quilt in a home decor magazine. I started by hand-piecing. As a young executive after college I didn’t have time to quilt and I gave all of the pieces away. About twenty years later, I got them back again. You can read a humorous account of my very, VERY rocky path from there to completion in my blog post, Seventy-Odd Steps to a Totally Awesome Quilt.

Red & Blue Post-and-Rail Fence Original Blocks via


Started: Approximately 1987
December 28, 2006
May 21, 2008


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April 1987: I learn to hand-piece from a lovely woman at the fabric store I work at and start on a soft blue and white rail-fence quilt like an antique I saw in a magazine.

Summer 1992: I am busy with work and haven’t sewn in years, plus I’m moving into a tiny apartment. I give all my quilting things including these blocks to a neighbor of my parents.

Fall 2006: I want to make a quilt for my little boy and I wish I still had those blocks. I email my parents’ neighbor friend to see if she ever used them and they are still sitting in the same box they came in. She isn’t going to use them and says I am welcome to have them back.

December 28, 2006: The original blocks from 1987 are back in my hands. Some of those fabrics are from a skirt I made in high school from an official Gunne Sax pattern. I loved that skirt.

December 29, 2006: Lacking a proper design wall, I’ve thumbtacked some flannel up across the bookcases. It’s not a great color, but I’m trying to make do. I’m calling it the “Non-Design Wall.”

December 30, 2006: Since this quilt is going to be for my little boy, I add recycled shirts to the mix.

Red & Blue Post-and-Rail Fence Quilt Pinned via

January 2, 2007: The old shirts are super fiddly so I experiment with liquid starch. It works, but I totally ruin my iron in the process.

January 6, 2007: The bleak winter weather gets to me, and I add a bunch of bright Kaffe Fasset & Denyse Schmidt prints to the mix.

January 28, 2007: The quilt top is pinned after being pinned and unpinned for a variety of reasons (see Seventy-Odd Steps to a Totally Awesome Quilt).

May 24, 2007: After much insanity (see above post), the quilt is finally quilted on the rentable long-arm at the local quilt shop.

May 29, 2007: I square up the quilt on my living room floor to prepare for binding.

May 31, 2007: Start binding, then have to pack quilt in order to move to new house in small town.

May 21, 2008: After being unpacked and the binding finished, quilt is washed, dried and photographed. The Red & Blue Post-and-Rail Fence Quilt is done!!

I gave the quilt to my son for his birthday in the fall of 2008.

Red & Blue Post-and-Rail Fence Quilt Quilted via
Red & Blue Post-and-Rail Fence Quilted via