Original Wyoming Four-Patch Baby Quilt Timeline

Original Wyoming Four-Patch via www.helloquilting.com


Started: Spring 2002
Summer 2002


I didn’t keep particularly good records of this quilt because I wasn’t yet blogging or had even heard of blogging and it didn’t occur to me that I might want to know later how it all happened. Pro tip: always keep track of your quilt's history because someone will want to know at some point! But I remember that first I came up with the idea and designed the blocks. Then I hunted all over town to try and find four blues that were similar but different enough, along with the chamois-yellows and a background similar to unbleached muslin.

I didn’t particular know what I was doing and the four-patch construction was a poor idea and you can see that my points are pretty good but the edges between blocks are waaaay off. I had also decided to do a self-binding because I thought it was…. more authentic? I’m not sure. But again, I didn’t really know how and the internet wasn’t as thorough then as now, and what I chose to do didn’t really work and the fabric was pulling out of the seam.

But I made the whole thing in a week or so and felt proud of it though I didn’t dare give it to anyone with the major problems, and after photographing it for this post I gave it to Goodwill. Someday I’ll make another one, correctly this time!

For more on this quilt, see the Original Wyoming Four-Patch Baby Quilt post.

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