Mini Boat Reproduction Quilt Timeline

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Started: December 16, 2006
September 30, 2016
Size: Wall/Doll Size (1/4-scale Reproduction)


December 16, 2006: I finally get stuck in and decide to make a miniature reproduction of my grandmother’s final quilt, a 40’s era boat quilt made from clothing scraps and bleached muslin. Since I’m going to be attempting an accurate reproduction, I take a photo of every block in the quilt and print them out at scale to begin the fabric hunt. It takes several months to find the fabrics, and even then I still have a few that are less than ideal.

June 1, 2007: Everything gets packed up to be moved to the new house.

April 10, 2008: I get the quilt out of storage to start working on it again with the idea that I will give it to my father for Christmas. When I show my mother the quilt, she says he would probably prefer a quilt in shades of blue. So I take the next 2+ years off from this quilt to work on an all-blue edition I’m calling the Blue Mini-Boat Quilt.

July 29, 2013: My Dad is in and out of the hospital and is not going to live much longer. I decide it’s time to get this quilt done. I get all the sorted baggies of fabric out and get organized.

August 2, 2013: I make a test boat block and cut all of the background parts.

August 3, 2013: The final fabric choices are set and organized. My regular machine is broken, but I find a really nice vintage machine at a garage sale and can work on the blocks!

August 4, 2013: All the sashing parts are cut and organized. Working small requires great accuracy so I am really taking my time and being careful.

August 13, 2013: All the boat bottoms are done!

August 24, 2013: My Dad passes away before I am able to finish the quilt. It takes a bit before I can work on it again.

October 10, 2013: Working on the quilt is theraputic. I have a handful of boats done and ready to go production line mode.

October 12, 2013: All the teeny-tiny HSTs for the sails are cut out!

October 14, 2013: The first column of boats with sashing and everything is assembled!

October 18, 2013: I finished the top, but then I realize that the outside border doesn’t have cornerstones and the top and bottom don’t have a border at all. Probably because the original quilt was for a double bed. I set it aside to fix after the holidays.

January 18, 2014: All fixed and pinned, now quilting!

January 19, 2014: Machine sewing the binding to the front! The back will be hand-sewn.

February 6, 2014: It’s done! The Mini Boat Reproduction Quilt is done! Hooray!! My Dad didn’t get to see it, but it is okay, it’s a precious treasure for me anyway.