Make Do Patch-and-Coin Quilt Timeline

Make Do Patch-and-Coin Quilt Top Finished via


Started: February 22, 2015


February 22, 2015: After seeing a schnibbles quilt on a blog, I am excited to try one for myself. I can’t find the book with the pattern, so I wing it and create my own version. I am determined to make it entirely from 2” strips from my scrap bins since I have so many the bin is overflowing and I want to use them up. I start by making four-patch blocks with the smallest strips and pairing that with coins.

February 23, 2015: Making the scrappy four-patch blocks is super addictive and I am creating bunches of them very quickly.

March 1, 2015: Still more blocks and coins! The only challenge is that I’m starting to run out of reproduction feedsack prints and have to start adding other things. Whomp whomp.

April 18, 2015: Progress slows as I run out of decent scraps.

November 24, 2015: The top is done and waiting to be pinned and quilted.

January 6, 2016: Still waiting.

July 26, 2018: With all the finishes so far this year and the progress on old projects like the Blue Quintuple Irish Chain Quilt, I start getting out all my old quilts to move them forward. I photograph this top and decide it’s just fine and should pin it.

August 16, 2018: After some hemming and hawing I finally decide on mint flannel for the backing and get the backing and batting ready for pinning.

August 25, 2018: The quilt is pinned!! I discovered a major construction error while pinning, but I worked around it and I’m hoping it won’t be noticeable once the quilt is finished.

June 4, 2019: I start quilting. It’s stop and start with all the home construction happening, but I keep plugging away.

July 20, 2019: The quilting is finished!

July 21, 2019: The binding is on!

July 30, 2019: All the ends are woven in, now to tackle that big patch problem.