Hello, Yellow Quilt Timeline

Hello, Yellow Triangle Quilt Strips Cut via www.helloquilting.com



Started: January 5, 2011


January 5, 2011: In January I start craving sunshine, and I’m obsessed with yellow fabrics!! I decide to make an all yellow-and-white-quilt that I am calling, “Hello, Yellow!” I pull all the yellow fabrics I have, from the palest butter to the deepest gold. Sunshine captured in a stack of fabric. :-)

January 9, 2011: I’ve settled on a simple half-square-triangle quilt—just a field of HSTs across the entire thing. I had been planning to use units that were 4” finished, but I’m feeling the need to make things more challenging (!!!?!??!!!) so after testing sizes, I’ve decided to go with 2” units instead. Now all the strips are cut and I’m ready to cross-cut into a million little squares. SO EXCITING. In addition to what I pulled originally, I’ve also added some Thimbleberries House & Garden fabrics that were originally for the House & Garden Sampler Quilt Timeline.


August 31, 2014: Well, it was a nice idea, but unfortunately I could never quite get the gumption up to work on an entire quilt made of triangles that small, AND the yellows were all so ochre-y that I wasn’t really loving them. So eventually I gave up and use most of them for the Autumn Scattered Squares Quilt.

October 4, 2014: I use the last of the strips for the Purple Irish Chain Quilt.