Green Scrappy Trip-Around-the-World Quilt Timeline

Green Scrappy Trip-Around-the-World Quilt Cut via


Started: March 20, 2013


March 20, 2013: The Antique-Inspired Scrappy Trip-Around-the-World Quilt is going so well, I decide to make an all green-and-black one for my son. Math is done, fabric pulled.

March 26, 2013: I start cutting strips.

March 28, 2013: All the strips are cut!

December 27, 2015: Green and black is not my favorite color combination and I don’t love some of these fabrics. Plus this quilt was designed for a twin and my son now has a double so I have to re-do the math and re-figure the strips. So, this quilt is still waiting.

August 12, 2016: I’ve been focused on finishing quilts that were promised to other people, so this project is still waiting.

July 25, 2018: I am getting excited about finishing old projects now that I’m making so much progress on my quilty friend’s Blue Quintuple Irish Chain Quilt, and I get the strips out to consider them further. I think I will split them up and use them for different projects.

July 28, 2018: I decide to peel off some of the strips for other projects so I will have some wiggle room to make this quilt something I’m excited about. I harvest all the blacks, greys, blues and some of the greens for my husband’s Summer Lake Modified 2x4 Quilt.