Denim Quilt Timeline

Denim Quilt Layout via


Started: November 1, 2015


November 1, 2015: A friend of mine tells us a story about how she used to have a quilt made of denim with a woolen backing and how much she loved it. So my quilting friend and I decide to make her another one as a surprise. We take several months to gather old jeans and cut them into squares, supplementing with corduroy fabric. We end up a bit short, but we have some grey cord so we pair that with quilting cotton to fill in the last few squares.

August 12, 2016: I’ve been focused on finishing quilts that were promised to other people, so this project is in the queue.

August 11, 2018: While I try to get my brain around the construction of my husband’s Modified 2x4 Quilt, I decide to knock out another languishing UFO and do a layout for this quilt.