Cottage Ohio Star Quilt Timeline

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Started: May 11, 2009

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May 11, 2009: Working with the low volume background of the Prairie Vine quilt has got me all excited about the idea of doing a super super low-volume quilt. I’m excited about the idea of doing supersize Ohio Stars in soft cottage-y fabrics on a cream background. Fortunately I have a ton of soft, soft pink and aqua fabrics in my stash.

Ohio Star used in Star Medallion Baby Quilt via

May 13, 2009: I’ve never made an Ohio Star block before, so I put together a text unit to see if it’s going to work. It looks great, but I’m struggling with not having enough background fabric that’s all the same and so put the project aside until I can afford to buy enough background fabric to do the whole thing.

May 2, 2013: After languishing for years, I decide that I’m never going to finish this quilt and instead use the one block I made to improv the Star Medallion Baby Quilt.