Butterfly's Interlocked Quilt Timeline

Butterfly’s Interlocked Quilt Fabric Cut via www.helloquilting.com


Started: July 11, 2018
Full/Double Bed Quilt


July 11, 2018: My daughter has been asking for an update to her room, which is totally understandable because our home has been under construction for some time and she’s gotten the short end of the stick, decor-wise. We consult together and confirm that her absolute mostest favoritist colors in the entire world are aqua blue, pink and lavender. Soon after that, I see a quilt by Jeni Baker @jenib320 that’s made with only three colors and I know I’ve found the one. It’s also available to be seen on her website, it’s called the Interlocked Quilt, and is from her book Patchwork Essentials: The Half-Square Triangle.

August 1, 2018: I’ve ordered the book and my daughter and I pull fabric in the three colors. It’s really pretty, but I’m concerned that the pattern will be too hard to see with the wide variety of each color, so we hit the local quilt shop to beef up our selections.

August 4, 2018: That’s more like it. Much cleaner and clearer. If it were for ME I would actually go with the softer palette, but for my daughter it’s bold colors all the way and I want to make sure the pattern is clear.

August 6, 2018: All the squares are cut, now it’s ready for sewing, but I have to take a pause to finish my husband’s Summer Lake Modified 2x4 Quilt since he’s sleeping under what essentially amounts to a rag at this point. Poor guy.