Bright Scrappy Triple Irish Chain Quilt Timeline

Bright Scrappy Triple Irish Chain via

Once I started quilting again after my son was born, I KNEW that the first quilt I wanted to make (after I finished his rail-fence quilt), was a scrappy Triple Irish Chain. I had seen a vintage one on the cover of some quilt book or another (which one is lost to the mists of time). I didn’t have a large stash at the time and I wanted the quilt to be REALLY scrappy, so I bought a bunch of collections of 2” squares on eBay. I didn’t find out until later that some of them weren’t cut particularly accurately, and combined with a poor choice for construction techniques it was a total fail. I’m still want to make one, though.


Started: September 18, 2006


Quilting Fail on Bright Scrappy Irish Chain via

August 2006: I collect a bunch of 2” precut squares in lots from sellers on eBay. (Update: This was before precuts and were primarily hand cut. Nowadays I’d go with 2 1/2” mini-charm packs from Etsy!).

September 18, 2006: I decide to build the Irish Chain using 4-patch blocks, which are tricky to keep square, especially when working with randomly hand-cut squares! Today my Triple Irish Chain pattern uses strip sets which are much easier to construct.

Leader and Ender Scrap Jar via

September 19, 2006: After a whole day of sewing I realize that the combination of my construction technique and inaccurately cut squares is a total fail. I scrap the project

April 7, 2007: I salvage all the 2” squares to use in a more forgiving project, Leader Ender Madness.