Bright Pink Sunshine Squares Timeline



Started: June 19, 2013
Finished: August 8, 2014


June 19, 2013: My Dad has been in and out of the hospital all summer, and I really need some seriously cheerful quilt happening in my front room. I decide to try and work with this ultra-bright retro fabric that I love. It’s too small to go whole cloth so I decide to chop it up and sew it back together with a sprinkling of complimentary fabrics.

July 15, 2013: The top is done!

July 16, 2013: Or maybe NOW it’s done after adding another row.

March 10, 2014: The quilt has been pinned and quilted and now I am adding cheerful yellow ties in the middle of each square. I also decide that the quilt is too small, and add a row on to one side even though it’s already quilted.

August 8, 2014: The Bright Pink Sunshine Squares Quilt is done!