Antique-Inspired Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt Timeline

Antique-Inspired Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt via


Started: January 13, 2013
April 24, 2013


January 13, 2013: I had so much fun with the Scrappy Bargello Quilted Placemats that I know I want to make a scrappy trip-around-the-world quilt. I made a couple of test blocks just using some cute 2” strips from my stash. I hate them. I decide to use one of my unfinished antique Ocean Waves blocks as a color guide and calculate how much of each color is needed. I cut allllll the strips!!

January 14, 2013: I sort allllllll the strips into sets, one set for each block. I start sewing strips together into sets. I make a couple of test blocks and I’m a leeeetle nervous that it’s not coming together, but the more blocks I make, the more it looks like the antique inspiration piece. I’ve discovered I like it best when blocks alternate light/dark, which surprises me.

February 2, 2013: All the strips have been sewn into sets, cross-cut and unpicked so they are ready to assemble. I’ve filed them all in a box with clothespins keeping each set together.

February 3, 2013: Production sewing starts and I finish all blocks, layout and assembly in one day.

February 4, 2013: Quilt is pinned and in the hoop. I’ve decided (probably stupidly) to tie the quilt and tie every single corner point on the whole thing.

February 16, 2013: This is going to take FOREVER. I decide to tie while watching Gilmore Girls and Ally McBeal on my laptop (no, I have never seen either!). I’m charmed to see how many quilts are featured in Gilmore Girls!

March 9, 2013: Still working away with my nightly show. I’m almost done!

March 18, 2013: The quilting is done and I’m binding! Woo hoo!

April 23, 2013: The last few inches of binding is hand-sewn down!

April 24, 2013: The Antique-Inspired Scrappy Trip-Around-the-World Quilt is finished!